CANGENX Mantis Buffered Nutrients


MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients is a medical grade, all-in-one, pH buffered, plant nutrient concentrate designed specifically for cannabis. It replaces labour intensive plant nutrition programs and the need for pH adjustment with this single effective and convenient product.

Our formulation for cannabis, coupled with optimum pH control, allows for the maximum potential for plant development.

Many fertilization programs tend to under-appreciate micro-nutrients and overuse nitrogen. Our concentrate delivers the optimal ratios of micro and macro-nutrients to your plants throughout the entire life cycle, along with maintaining a pH between 5.2 and 6.2, for the most effective nutrient availability and uptake possible.

Being 200x concentrated, once properly diluted our 1L bottle will yield 200L of nutrients solution for your crop. A single 1L bottle of MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients replaces up to 10 bottles of varying shapes and sizes from our competitors.

Order MANTIS™ Buffered Nutrients today and see how it changes your life.

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